About Phoenix Dawn Cafe

Welcome to Phoenix Dawn Cafe, a place to find motivation and inspiration for writing. Within you will find pep talks, personal ramblings, and information on various spiritual paths.

I am known as Rose. I’m 23 years old, and it is a dream of mine to open an actual cafe with the very name I used for this blog. I also dream of being a published author, and have been working towards that for several years now. Until about a year ago I identified myself as Wiccan and followed the path of Wicca and core shamanism. While I do still follow a spiritual path, it now reflects more on my personal beliefs.

If you have any questions ,you don’t wish to leave as a comment, you can find the contact form here.

Schedule : Mondays are personal updates on my writing and whatever else I feel like sharing. Wednesdays will be spiritual advice and information. Fridays will be writing pep talks and tips.

Light and Love, May all your days be blessed and full of harmony ~Kyoma Rose

*edited March 1, 2014*

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