Healing Circle and Schedule Change

So, obviously, yesterday’s post really didn’t have anything to do with how my own writing has been going. I’ve decided to change the schedule a little and make Fridays a random topic day. Which means it could be anything from writing to recipes to whatever else I may think of or feel like sharing.

Last night was the bi-weekly Healing Circle at Cleo’s and there was a very small turnout. There have been a lot people sick in my area apparently, including Kathleen, the owner. Light and Love to all of them, I hope they all get better soon (and that I don’t get whatever seems to be going around). I did get healed last night, like I usually do, and it was a little different last night.

Of late I’ve been having some shoulder/neck issues and told Geoffry, the healer who worked on me, about it. I’ve suspected for some time that my shoulder hurting wasn’t just having to sleep on an air bed and he confirmed my suspicions. Turns out there’s a knot of energy in my shoulder that is different, likely not my own, and he said he should have just had me sit up the whole time so he could work on it. While it’s not completely healed yet, it is feeling way better than it has in the past few weeks.

Now, I know there’s a lot of skeptics about being healed in this manner. While I don’t know much, I do know that I’ve seen a few people be skeptical about it, receive such healing, and then come back for more. Reiki, and other forms of energy healing, can be quite effective if you’re open to it. The healers work within their realm of abilities to help align your own energies, and to clear out anything that may be causing problems. This could be blocked chakras, knots of energy (like what’s in my shoulder), or simply clearing out bits and pieces of energies that have accumulated around you.

It’s not an alternative to going to the doctor though. If you think something is wrong with you then you should go to a real doctor. Reiki masters and other energy healers can help you, either by easing the pain or helping you focus on healing whatever may be wrong, but they cannot diagnose you. Some who are skilled enough may sense something about you before you’re aware of it and may tell you to go see a doctor, but that is all they can do.

Next Saturday, since there is no healing circle, will be the first showcase post for Halloween/Samhain. A bit of the history and some of the customs. Tuesday will be the next Wicca post which will be about Stereotypes and Fears, and Thursday will be the second installment of the interview with Silver Shadow.

Light and Love and Blessed Be ~Kyoma Rose

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